About the SocAA

The Society of Artists in Architecture, SocAA, has been created in order to resurrect the former activities of the now defunct SAA, the Society of Architect Artists, which ceased its activities in 2000.


It is our aim to target and maintain a high standard of work in order to be eligible for membership. We have set up this website to showcase the members work and with the potential of one smaller and one larger exhibition during a 12-month period there will be good opportunities to display the work. We would also encourage our members to organise their own local shows using the SocAA title.

Another aim is to be as inclusive as possible, and with the title ‘architect’ protected in law, the change of name is necessary. We wish to attract members across the spectrum, architects and retired architects, students of architecture and design, as well as the related professions within the industry and in particular members of the Society of Architectural Illustrators, SAI, whose work can be very relevant to our aims. With the ambition for quality we want the Society to become well respected, and our exhibitions to be events that people look forward to.

From our former incarnation we have long standing ties with our European colleagues Ligne et Couleur, and our friends in Scotland, the Scottish Society of Architect Artists, and we are invited to participate in their exhibitions.