Why become a member

It can be very rewarding to become a member of a group of artists within the architecture and design professions, with a similar desire to make works of art in any medium.

It is our belief that the creative arts have unquestionable values, and that drawing, as every artist of any generation would say, can be the foundation of analysis and thought, not only within the arts but in the sciences as well.

There will be the opportunity to exhibit your work, as we plan to have a number of exhibitions in a given year, if our resources will allow, and enjoy the friendship of other members.

Whether you are just interested in the SocAA, or are a member, the principle form of communication will remain this web site.


You would be eligible to apply for membership if you are:

  • A registered or retired architect
  • In a profession within construction
  • A member of the Society of Architectural Illustrators
  • A student architect pre-registration, or a student architectural technician

Apply to be a member

You can apply to be a member by submitting an email, either in PDFs of JPEGS format (max 1MB each) , 6 pieces of your work, and we would find it interesting if your application is supported by a brief statement about the pieces, and a little about yourself, which might include a CV, and for this you can take a lead from the kinds of CVs for the members on this web site – there is no proscription.

The committee, or a group of at least 4 members chosen by the committee, will consider your application and inform you if you are successful, with an invitation to join the Society.

Please address your submission to Richard Rees at

Annual membership charges

The annual membership charge will apply from the 1st January 2017, and to be payable in January of 2017 and during the first month of subsequent years.

The annual fee that will apply for 2017 is £40. 00, and to manage our sustainability and aspiration for exhibitions, the committee reserve the right to review the level of annual fee to apply for any following year.

Payment can be made via BACS transfer of funds into the SocAA account:
Account no:
Sort Code: