Graeme Noble

Graeme is now retired after 40 years in private practice as partner/director in his own practices, that include the last 11 years as a  ‘employed’ design director in two large practices, and one of the aims of retirement is to get back to painting and drawing which were distanced by the demands of work.

Background – in his late teens and early twenties Graeme learned to observe and draw under the influences of political cartoonists Gerald Scarfe and Bill Papas, and to paint by looking very closely at Toulouse Lautrec, Degas and Bonnard. There were various Pop Art heroes, Richard Hamilton in particular, and who could ignore David Hockney, and with his brother, the brushwork and colour of Oskar Kokoshka. Then there is the New York school of abstract expressionism – Mark Rothko the sublime. The cartoonists and Hockney’s beautiful portraits however took Graeme to portraiture in particular. London during the late 60’s was an extraordinary place for seminal exhibitions

Where now – at present 2016 has Graeme on the road travelling in Europe, so there is hardly ever that peaceful time alone to immerse as would be possible if static at home. So at present drawing portraits from photographs in the press, as well as self-portraits, and getting the feel for water colours again, never a favourite medium. Architectural space with its geometries is fascinating, as is the dynamic shapes within landscape, and the space under trees looking toward bright sunlight. All to be investigated!

Exhibitions and positions held – for about 25 years a committee member of the former Society of Architect Artists, including periods as secretary, exhibition secretary, and chair, with the main task being central to organising, selecting and hanging the annual exhibition. And now Graeme is one of the ‘old guard’ helping to re-establish the SAA as the Society of Artists in Architecture, SocAA.

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