John Stillman


My father was an architect and painter and, perhaps not surprisingly, I followed his footsteps when I signed up to the Barlett (UCL) in 1937 complete with my sketch book and palette in hand. After war service in India (1939 – 44) and my marriage to Anne, I set up practice with John and Elizabeth Eastwick-Field to tackle post-war reconstruction. My skills in art and design came together well and the practice was successful, winning many prizes, and my art equally developed well over the years though mostly in my spare time.

Whenever possible, at home or abroad, work or holiday, I had my paints at the ready and would look for inspiration in landscape, cityscape and on rainy days, still life. I still enjoy attending weekly life classes and the challenge that the subject presents. I have always looked to make good compositions and to work fast with the materials to hand when making the initial work and then often following it up with more time at home. Over the years many of my paintings have inspired silk screen prints and many have also been hung in SAA and other exhibitions.


  • Participated in the Society of Architect Artists annual exhibitions in the RIBA Henry Florence Hall from October 1988 to 1998 when it moved to the smaller Cowcross Galery in Farringdon.
  • Small one-man show at the RIBA 6th floor Oct 1998
  • Local art shows in Highgate including the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution, The Highgate Society, Lauderdale House and the Rotary.

All sizes quoted are image sizes


Sorengo, Switzerland

Oil paint on board, framed
430 x 360mm


House / John Stillman

Oil paint on board, framed / 430 x 360mm /

Abstract Landscape

Oil paint on canvas
760 x 610mm

Abstract Landscape / John Stillman / Oil paint on canvas / 760 x 610mm

Landscape France

Oil paint on canvas
610 x 510mm

Landscape France / John Stillman / Oil paint on canvas / 610 x 510mm