Welcome to the Society of Artists in Architecture new website. This has been designed to showcase Members works with details of Exhibitions, News Items and a Forum. The website will be the main conduit of information for Members of the Society and any visitors interested in the Society.

This website has been constructed to allow changes whereby each member is able to log in to change the details of their own site by adding, removing or changing images, words or details.

The admin team will also be able to change the home and other pages so that we can keep the website up to date and we will also be able to adapt to keep in line with members wishes.

News Items from Members will always be welcome.

Purchasing from the Website

Anyone is welcome to purchase works that are advertised for sale, on line from the SocAA website.

Please contact the artist directly and organise a form of payment agreeable between the parties, to include arrangements for collection or delivery and those costs. The price of the work will include SocAA commission.

The artist will issue a receipt and forward a copy of the receipt, with the name and contact details of the purchaser to allow us to include the purchaser’s name on our data base for future SocAA events – this list will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties without the express permission of the party concerned.

Should the artist be registered for VAT for the sale of his works it is for the artist to include this within the price and advise that it is so.

Responsibility for the wrapping and safe delivery of any work rest with the artist.

Insurance for the work remains the responsibility of the artist until the work sold is in the possession of the purchaser.